County Road AA, Muleshoe, Texas, 79347






MLS: 42266-11019

948 Acres

1,293 SqFt

3 beds

1.0 baths

What You Should Know

  • Excellent Perimeter Fencing

  • Pivot Irrigation Systems

  • Residence

  • 3-way Mix Improved Pasture

  • Contiguous

  • Rotational Grazing Opportunity

Why You'll Love It

Permanently Fenced, Farming and Ranching Opportunity with Supplementary Irrigation and Residence on the Llano Estacado

Land Related Information:

This multipurpose tract is a great grazing/farming opportunity in southern Parmer County with several developed wells, 2 operating pivots and 1 in need of some repair, and 2 permanently fenced tracts, Section 90 (628 acres +/-) and North ½ of Section 95 (320 acres +/-) join each other except for being separated by County Road BB.


Each one of these three tracts with the exceptions of the NW corner of Section 90 perimeter permanent 5-wire Barbed wired fence.  The half section was just recently been fenced and the full section was fenced in January of 2018. All fencing is excellent condition with custom built pipe gates and corners for years of use.  There is also some inside fencing around one of the playa lake areas. Section 90 has one corner on the NE that was fenced out to possibly allow an area for expansion for an additional residence, barn, or even an arena.

Grass Pasture

The Fenced portions of Section 90 with the exception of the playa lake area are an improved grazing mix of bluestem, sideouts, and grama grasses. 

Cattle Pens

Section 90 and N ½  of Section 95 each have cattle pens.  The pens on the North Section 90 are better equipped for working cattle and both can be used for sorting.  Both are equipped with water tanks with floats.

Irrigation Information

Section 90
has one operational hydraulic powered 2007 T&L pivot irrigation system.  The owner estimates that the 4 wells on the section will pump approximately 200 gpm, subject to testing by the buyer.  There is also an old pivot pad where there was another pivot located at one time that was removed and the underground line is still piped to this pad as well. 

The N ½ of Section 95
has one operational Zimmatic pivot and one Zimmatic pivot that has never been operated by owner and is in need of some repairs.  Owner estimates the wells on this tract to pump approximately 150 gpm total.  This tract is in cultivation.

Domestic/Livestock Water

The cattle water infrastructure and residences are supplied water by three domestic wells, 2 are located on Section 90 one by the main residence and one by the boxcar and cattle pens.  These two wells are tied together with a tie-in valve that will allow separate supply for the main residence and cattle water when closed or it can be opened in the event one of the wells needs repair and can supply both the cattle on Section 90 and the main residence.  The third domestic well is located on the N ½ of Section 95 and supplies water for the 2nd residence and cattle water infrastructure on that section.

Seasonal Playas

There are two relatively large seasonal playas on this property which have some large trees that can provide summer shade for cattle.  The northern playa is located in the NW quadrant of Section 90 and the southern playa is located partially in southern most part of the SW quadrant of Section 90 and the northern most part of N ½ of Section 95.  These lakes catch considerable runoff of from owners and neighbors land and can hold considerable water during wet periods, offering the potential for waterfowl hunting and good grazing area as they evaporate.  They also offer potential additional seasonal water source for wildlife and cattle, not to mention eye appeal as they are each located within view of the 2 residences.

Special Feature

This farm/ranch combo has a clay lined tank and owner has plans to pipe the four irrigation wells on this section to provide water to the lined tank.   All the irrigation wells on the tracts are equipped with submersible pumps setup with panel boxes.  The wells by tract are tied together with underground line.  

Soil Types

Soil types are moderately diverse and range from loamy to clay type soils that overall should hold up well to grazing and cultivation with 65% of the property consisting of Acuff loam varieties, almost 30% being Olton clay loam with the remainder being a varied including Ranco clay in north playa lake bottom and Sparenberg clay in southern playa lake bottom. (source: MapRight Soil Layer)

Minerals and Wind

Owner intends to reserve ½ of existing minerals if any exist and ½ of renewable energy production royalty rights.  Land is currently in a renewable energy lease but has not entered construction phase.

Residence Related Information:

This 3/1/ is located 1 mile south of the main residence on N ½ of Section 95.  This home is in good shape with neutral colors and would make a great rental or home for ranch foreman or another employee.  Home does not currently have permanent HVAC system.  Window units have been used in the past for heating and cooling.   Current owner would consider putting a couple of units in depending on offer.  The residence is located next to a set of cattle pens that can be used to sort and great location to feed hay.

Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: County Road AA
  • City: Muleshoe
  • State: Texas
  • County: Parmer

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