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Going the Extra Mile to Meet Client Needs

At United Country Real Estate | M. Edwards Realty & Auction, the meaning of “Texas Hospitality” is not lost on us. In fact, it may be the first thing our clients notice when meeting us … and it’s part of the impression we want to leave long after a property sale has closed.

What’s most important is really the time in-between, when we work to understand the specific wants and needs of each client so we can provide the best service possible.

Agriculture Experts: Farmland, Ranches, Hunting Properties and More

With our main office in Sudan, Texas, in Lamb County and two additional offices in Brownfield (Terry County) and Turkey (Hall County), the geography of the areas we serve – much of the Texas Panhandle and High Plains region and all the South Plains counties – is similar.

There’s a lot of farm and ranch land, acre upon acre of wide-open spaces to raise livestock, grow row crops or even start a vineyard. You’ll find traditional cattle ranches, commercial hog farms, properties for hunting and recreation, dairy farms and almost one million acres of cotton fields.

These close-knit agricultural communities in the areas we serve definitely stand out. They are filled with hard-working, ethical people always ready to help a neighbor in need. Some of us at United Country | M. Edwards Realty & Auction have years of ag experience ourselves, and this helps us guide each client in selling or buying property.

Resources and Experience for Real Estate Results

Of course, it’s not only about helping our customers find the most tillable acreage, ranches with mineral rights, or land with premier mule deer and feral hog hunting. Many buyers simply seek a single-family home in town, or a house in the country with a few acres for privacy. Others may want commercial office space or development land for a retail business.

No matter the property type, we’ve learned our clients appreciate us going the extra mile for them to deliver results. We’ve made it a priority, focusing on premium photography, videos and leveraging technology at every step to market properties for sale. Our agents are well-rounded real estate professionals with one shared goal — to establish trust and build a positive relationship with each and every client.

United Country | M. Edwards Realty & Auction relies on a powerful combination of local expertise and national reach. We have the resources and experience to help you find or sell your property for the best value, as fast as possible. Call or email us to learn how we can assist. We look forward to meeting you.

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